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Lovely headshots | Portland headshot photographer

Lori needed an updated headshot for her business, Initials, Inc…and quick! The deadline was in only a couple of days, but thankfully we were able to get it done, with the specific look that her company needed. It was fabulous getting to know Lori better, she was so funny and so very kind! Hope you...

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The Libertine | Portland commercial photographer

Mellisa and I went to school together. She’s too kind to mention that she was a year younger than I (or was it two?), but we kind of grew up together, even were in the same Girl Scout troop, in neighboring tiny farm towns down near Salem. So it was so great for me when...

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Christmas gift

My mom, like most grandmothers, loves her grandkids more than anything….so what could be better than a gift of images of her beautiful grandchildren? It was tough to get each kid photographed without my mom finding out, but we got it done! The kids are from 4 different families, and I placed them in order...

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