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Cake trade

My dear friend Stella is the most amazing cake artist….she can create almost anything you could think of. She’s made a cake in the form of a laptop, a complete kitchen set-upĀ  for a chef, gorgeous purses and bags made entirely out of cake. She is my local go-to cake goddess. Our own personal “Ace...

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Grandma’s so cool…….

Yucky instant mashed potatoes, cheapo white rice, and plates and plates of whipped cream (aka pie-in-the-face)……two words….FOOD FIGHT!!! And can you believe that this was grandma’s idea? She thought the kids would love it, and boy they did! What a memory! Nephews getting aunts, cousins splattering cousins! Shampooing with potatoes and rice…..boy did they smell...

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Nani {Portland Maternity Photographer}

Sheri got back from her baby shower in Hawaii just a few hours before our session, but she was ready to go, no jet lag to be seen. This shot had the most lovely light! Talk about a pregnant woman’s glow…..she was so gorgeous! The moodiness of this shot just gets me. They could not...

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