Monthly Archives: March 2011

Grade school fundraiser | Portland family photographer

Such a joy to look into all these gorgeous little pairs of eyes, one by one, each so completely stunning in their own way. Maybe I’m a little too sentimental recently, but it’s such a privilege to be a photographer, to be able to take the time, as part of a day’s work, to really...

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another left unblogged :) | Portland newborn photographer

Catching up on older sessions that somehow weren’t blogged. LOVE the downy soft hair that newborns are so often covered in! a double cowlick! This family lives on a farm and horses are a huge part of their lives….I loved that they wanted this image and used it on their announcements! As always, photoshop magic...

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not blogged but not forgotten | Portland family photographer

For some reason, I don’t think I ever got around to blogging this session, but it sure reminds me of how lovely the sun is!It was such a hot day this day, but I just cannot wait for the sun to be on my back like this again! what amazing eyes! twins! such a special...

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