Monthly Archives: September 2011

Michael | Jesuit SBP | Portland senior portraits

Michael was great! As student body president at Jesuit, he has a lot of responsibilities….he’s a very busy guy! It’s funny, at every shoot, with each person, I get a preference. Each person seems to have a more natural expression, either serious or a big smile. Michael’s smile sure seemed to come easily to him....

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Amelia | Portland senior portrait photographer

Amelia and I both were a bit nervous while watching the weather during the day of the shoot. Overcast skies, when we were hoping for hazy backlight! Thankfully it cleared up just in time for our shoot! And what a lovely shoot it was. It’s so nice when my subject is super excited about what...

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Austin | Portland senior portraits

Austin is an amazing young man, very driven and talented. He is an athlete, a ski racer, at the top in the country for his age. I fully expect to see him in the Olympics someday and I can say “I knew him when”. You were such a great subject the other evening, Austin, thanks,...

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