Oh Christmas tree!

We’ve got a gorgeous tree this year, I love to get the biggest that will fit in our living room! My husband likes to get a normal-sized tree, so we met somewhere in the middle with a 10 footer this year. It’s not my fault that the ceilings are high, I think they need to be filled.:)But I’ve learned my lesson from that year that we got a 13 footer…..I forgot that all that height translates into a lot of weight. Totally knocked me to the ground as we rolled the massive thing off the top of the car with all it’s weight! This was years ago when the kids were smaller and couldn’t help much, thank goodness they are nearly stronger than I am now and can help their poor mom!

This year went without a hitch, but probably the most memorable trip to get our tree was last year. We went to the local tree farm as usual, in our boots and warm coats, hats and mittens, and searched every inch of the tree farm for the PERFECT tree. Finally agreed on one, got it strapped on top of the car, grabbed some hot chocolate and started off towards home.

Almost home, when the TREE FELL OFF THE CAR!!! We pulled over quickly, and Will ran off after it. I of course go to help rescue our tree as well grab my camera and start snapping away! Oh, and laugh my head off. Will was less than amused. But this was a sight that must be recorded….and…..it’s what I do for goodness sakes! I kept shooting until I was shamed into helping when other cars pulled over to help out. People here are too nice, I just wanted to enjoy the moment! Good Samaritans, thanks, but why not sit back and snap pictures sometimes? Haha, it’s my way of “smelling the roses”.


This year we tipped the tree farm people so that we didn’t have to rely on our own tree-tying-on skills. Money very well spent.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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December 22, 2009 - 3:43 pm

Grandpa Jimmy - Funny Jen. This is the first time I heard this story. Either you didn’t tell me or I … uh, what were we talking about?